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The Little Things

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

As I was going through deleting emails I came across something that caught my attention.  I wondered if social media has given some people a false sense of connection because it's changed interaction.  In one of my accounts, I receive my facebook notifications.  I was near my birthday because I was seeing the offers from Red Robin, Pandora, Bloomingdales, Fuddruckers, yes, I still had emails from some of these places.  If they had a discount to sign up for, I was on it.  But what I really paid attention to and thought about was, the Facebook notifications.  I looked at the names of a few of them.  Some of the people that posted on social media only, communicate with me that way only, so that made sense.  They don't know me, I don't know them but we remember one another from wherever so we have cordial and polite interaction.  

Then I noticed some of the people knew me, well, they had my phone number.  Yes, it can be faster to notice or even remember a birthday while you're on social media scrolling so you say something because you notice.  Cool.  I get it.  But then, there were the ones that know me for real.  They have my number and we talk and share.  They know I'm not on social media much so why post something I won't likely see?  Why not make direct contact?

Now this can go left or right depending on how I think about it.  Well, up or down.  I can feel isolated, withdrawn or even forgotten about even though I WAS thought about for a moment.  But it's a different moment.  But instead of letting my negative feelings and emotions take me down a depressing rabbit hole, I smile.  I smile because I love myself.  I appreciate every person that sent a Facebook message or posted on my wall to acknowledge me on my birthday, even though I saw it over a year later.  I smiled so hard, I even went back to the memories I had of times I'd make super early morning phone calls to friends to sing or yell or whatever crazy thing I did or said to try and make them feel special on their birthday and start it off with joy, even though there may have been traces of anger laced in their tones as they cursed me out, they knew it's always done out of love.  They knew the real me so they'd expect nothing less.  What happened to those times? 

Distance?  Business?  Life?  Family?  We are moving in so many different directions, we lose connection sometimes.  I still have cards people have given me over the years for birthdays, holidays, encouragement or just because.  I remember sending cards just the same.  Usually inside the card was also something I'd written.  Silly, personal, a memory, a picture, could be anything!  I think those things make us feel good.  Like man, someone took the time to not just think about me but spent some time with me in mind.  Lord knows at this stage of the game remembering is an effort.  For someone to remember me, buy me a card, take time to stand in line with the card, spend their hard earned money on a card, write in the card, give me the card, I truly appreciate their time.  Their kindness.  Their act of love.  For me it's just the little things. 

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