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When I got to the restaurant, I took a seat at the U shaped bar and ordered my usual mango smoothie. I loved being here. They were so warm and welcoming. I tried to visit as often as I could and tried to have them look out for my guests staying at my condo from time to time. Sometimes it worked out, sometimes not. Just as Marcos had on my ride from the airport, the bartender greeted me and told me stories of some of the people that stayed in my condo. Once Rodrigo saw I was there, he greeted me as well and joined in the conversation. As we sat, laughing and talking, I heard another warm, familiar welcoming of a patron. I turned to see who Rodrigo was greeting and to my surprise, it was my seat mate on the flight. Mr. Brennan. After greeting Rodrigo and the bartender the same way I did, Greyson greeted me and sat on the stool beside me and grabbed a menu. “Well, you arrived for lunch without calling me. Should I be offended?” “I didn’t think I needed to call you right away sir." I did my best to be as formal as I could without smiling. "I thought maybe I could relax and call you this evening to arrange a time and place to meet for lunch tomorrow.” I smiled taking all of him in. He looked like a King. I saw myself as his Queen, climbing upon his throne and..." he interrupted my thoughts. He caught my gaze and told me, “No better time than the present.” “Touche.” Returning to peruse the menu he asked me, “What are you having?” "Is you an option because I have yet to decide. I have been talking more than looking at the menu.” He looked at me shocked. “If you want me to be. I like to come here. This is one of my favorite places.” He had to be looking through me. His stare was so intense. Am I breathing? Wait, what? “Mine too. They always take such great care of me.” I smiled at the bartender on the other side serving a group of 5. "Wait, what did you just say?" I looked back at Greyson like he was reading my mind. “I was just answering your question." He smiled rubbing the top of his head. Those beautiful white teeth made his eyes sparkle. "So, is it Ms. Raeni or Mrs. Raeni?” I slowly turned away from him, grabbed my smoothie and took a sip realizing I was doing it again. "I have got to stop thinking out loud. It’s Ms.” “Well, Ms. Raeni, may I take care of you while you are here?” In every possible way you can. I turned to face him a little so I could see him and people watch at the same time. “Greyson are you married or engaged?” “No Ms. Raeni, I am not married nor engaged.” “Do you have children?” “Yes Raeni, I have children.” “Are your children supported by you daily Mr. Brennan?” I could see the bartender smiling. I knew he was listening to our exchange even though he never stopped making drinks for the other people seated at the bar and on the patio, but he had yet to react until now. I think Greyson noticed too. Greyson smiled his beautiful smile and I think I could feel all the blood circulating and flowing throughout my body. I was going to need another mango smoothie soon. He smirked. “Ms. Raeni, I look forward to getting to know you. Yes, my children are supported by me daily." He faced the bartender and said, "Man I see I have my work cut out for me with this beautiful woman.” The bartender winked at me. I looked back at Greyson and confirmed, “Yes, you may take care of me while I am here but only in ways I am comfortable with Mr. Brennan.” Am I visibly sweating? I need water. “I’d expect it to be no other way." As we sat and continued dialogue, Rodrigo let us know he was leaving for a bit. Greyson excused himself and walked through the tables to the street with Rodrigo. The bartender came back over and let me in on the details he knew about Mr. Greyson Brennan while he prepared another mango smoothie for me. I was a little overwhelmed with all of the information but overall, it seemed pretty good. He told me he was a very kind and generous man. He told me I should be cautious as a woman but from what he could tell, I didn’t need to be afraid. I appreciated his knowledge and level of concern. Bartenders really do listen and read people. He definitely knew my chapter. When Greyson returned, we decided on what we’d order for lunch. Waiting on our food, we got better acquainted. “So Ms. Raeni, if you could eat only one thing for 21 days straight, what would it be?" Without even pausing to think, I smiled and immediately answered him, "Mangoes." "Please, take your time, wow...I thought I'd catch you off guard or something." "I've kinda done it before." "Really now? Ok." He sipped his water and blasted right back before I could ask him the same. "Well, if you had to listen to one song on repeat 50 times what would it be?" "I do believe that is the hardest question anyone has ever asked me in my life." I sat with a blank stare trying to think about it as a million songs came to mind. Greyson chuckled, "THAT is the hardest question?" He sipped his water again and said, "Yeah, this is going to be so much fun! How long will you be staying?” “At least 5 days. I may extend it if I need more time or if I’m just not ready to go back. What about you Mr. Brennan? How long will you be here?” “I haven’t decided yet. After meeting you on the plane, I decided to make today a personal day and start on business tomorrow. Throws my schedule off a little but I’m glad I made that decision. Otherwise I wouldn’t have the pleasure of your company right now.” “True. But tell me, how did meeting me on the plane help you make that decision?” “Well, Ms. Raeni…” “Do you enjoy saying that?" I stifled a giggle. "We’re just talking, call me Raeni, drop the formalities, please.” “Does that mean you will call me Greyson?” “Deal.” “I made the decision because on the plane you shared you had a rough day. You wanted to get away because you knew it would do you good. You wanted company but you didn’t let anyone’s excuses stop you from coming. You came alone. You put yourself first. You showed up in your moment for yourself. Not many people live like that. That is something I need to learn to do more of. That is how I made the decision Raeni.” I nodded my head in understanding and smiled. “Well, how are you enjoying your day so far?” “It’s wonderful!” His eyes lit up and he had a wide smile. “Great conversation, great company," he glanced at me and finished, "and soon I’ll have great food!” I smiled what had to be a slow sexy smile because the only thought in my head was him feasting on my body.

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